Casino Scams That Actually Worked

The typical individual found in a casino engages in fair and honest gambling. However, certain ambitious players devise intricate strategies to outsmart the casino and win substantial sums of money. While the majority of cheats are eventually apprehended, there are a few who are able MKSports Casino to deceive casinos successfully, however temporarily, before they are inevitably apprehended as well. Presented here are eight successful casino scams.

1. Customized Optical Lenses
In 2011, a group of four individuals engaged in fraudulent activities and managed to steal a total of 64,000 euros (equivalent to around $88,000) from the poker tables at Les Princes Casino in Cannes, France. An employee of the casino employed invisible ink to make discreet markings on the backs of playing cards, such as drawing a line to represent an ace and a cross to represent a king. Meanwhile, the other cheaters utilized specialized contact lenses to identify the marked cards that would guarantee them winning hands. Les Princes Casino became wary of the players when they came back later in the week for another session of high-stakes poker. The French authorities discovered the marked cards and detected the cheaters’ use of contact lenses once they eliminated the possibility of cameras and infrared glasses.

2. Radio transmitters disguised as cigarette packs.
In 1973, a French roulette dealer, accompanied by his sister and brother-in-law, successfully won 5 million francs (equivalent to around $1 million) from the Casino Deauville. The dealer concealed a radio transmitter within a pack of cigarettes, along with a roulette ball containing a compact receiver. By pressing a button on the cigarette pack, one could manipulate the ball to land precisely on a certain section of the roulette wheel. The group of cheaters had a 90 percent accuracy rate in executing the scheme.

The casino owner’s infatuation with the roulette dealer’s sister, who was responsible for activating the button on the pack of smokes, ultimately led to their capture. The proprietor pondered the reason behind her consistent choice of the identical roulette table and her tendency to place exceedingly modest wagers, all while failing to secure any victories. Due to his increasing doubt and significant financial losses at the roulette table, he summoned rummy ares apk a team of experts to thoroughly search the casino for any hidden devices or bugs. The authorities discovered the radio transmitter and miniature receiver while apprehending the trio in the midst of cheating.

In 1984, a French film called «Tricheurs» (The Cheaters) was produced, which depicted the trio and their cunning strategy.

3. Technique of Edge Sorting
Phil Ivey, Jr., a professional poker player, was said to have engaged in cheating at the Crockfords Casino in London, resulting in a loss of £7.3 million (about $11 million) during a high-stakes game of Punto Banco in 2012. The casino alleged that Ivey employed a technique known as «edge sorting,» wherein he meticulously observed and memorized the minute and inconspicuous flaws present on the reverse side of face-down playing cards.

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